On this episode of The Best Disneyland and Star Wars Podcast to Invite Over for Life Day Dinner Aaron and Scott are joined by their friends at the We Like Theme Parks podcast for a galactic discussion about Life Day, the Star Wars holiday that debuted on The Star Wars Holiday Special, the infamous 2-hour variety show that left fans saying huh? for over 40 years.

Join the gang for a 2-part crossover event! In Part 1, we discuss the history of Life Day and a review of Holiday Special. Listen to five grown adults try to figure out how the largest pop culture property in history made such head-scratching decisions and whether anyone should subject themselves to a viewing… no matter how big of a Star Wars fan they are.

Then, join us for Part 2 over at We Like Theme Parks for more fun about how Life Day should be incorporated into Galaxy’s Edge and whether Wookie choirs are a good thing. It’s all this, plus news, games, Cookie Time, Mando moments, and lots more fun in this epic episode!

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