94 – Does Disney California Adventure Park Deserve a Full Day?

On this episode Scott and Aaron talk about 1994, the Chip and Dale Rescue Rangers Reboot, a Mom reveals how her daughter was stopped from hugging Winnie the Pooh at Disneyland, World of Color and Fantasmic! are back, First Reviews For Disney’s Expensive New Star Wars Hotel Are In, And They’re All Over The Galaxy and in the main segment tackle the question does DCA deserve a full day.

93 – The Checkbook of Boba Fett – Season 1 Full Review

On this episode of the best podcast called Bobsleds & Banthas, Scott & Aaron discuss how Bob Chapek isn’t going anywhere after Disney’s last earnings call, how you can wake up and work out in the Happiest Place on Earth, the shoe-horned synergy of Disney’s questionable Galactic Starcruiser, and the new trailers from Dr. Strange, Moon Knight, and Jurassic Park: Dominion.Then the Bantha Boys get into the Book of Boba Fett and try to make sense of a series seemingly predicated on a series of Truth or Dare challenges at Lucasfilm.Thanks for listening with your eyes! We love making this show and hope you love listening to it. Please be sure to give us a like or review to help others find us and be sure to check out other places to join fellow Banthateers!

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To say this duo was dynamic would be misnomer considering they never change.

Aaron Robbins

Aaron Absolute Humidity is a writer of regretful tales, professional markateer and amatuer waffle artist. He’s been the host of three previous Disneyland podcasts, likes talking and loves being listened to. While Aaron claims to have watched Star Wars Episode IV over 200 times, he still misquotes dialogue and believes the Clone Wars were about perfume. A little known fact about Aaron, he doesn't like when other hosts try to make their bio longer than his and has been known to add pointless sentences at the end of his own bio to make it appear longer. He thinks the best part of Star Tours has always been the queue.