62 – Critter Country Gets Mixed Up and Honey on Chicken is Delicious

On this episode of the Disneyland and Star Wars podcast Bobsleds and Banthas Scott and Aaron hang out with some bears while talking about Non-Californians being welcomed back to the Happiest Place on Earth, the new polls suggest that Disney Parks are too expensive and whether or not Will George Lucas will be returning to a Galaxy Far, Far Away? Also, in our main segment, we reboot Critter Country in a new edition of Scott & Aaron’s Mixed Up Map.

61 – Before Avengers Campus…A Bug’s Land

On this episode of the Disney and Star Wars Podcast Bobsleds and Banthas, hosts Scott and Aaron talk about The Avengers Campus and pay tribute to the land the came before it, A Bug’s Land. We also talk about the The Gavinator allowing Disneyland to return to normal, maybe; The $100 sandwich that has the Internet abuzz; The Sophie’s Choice between Spider-Man and Star Wars; The $65 downloadable content that’s available for Spider-Man Webslingers.

60 – Disneyland is Open! Let’s Hear a Trip Report.

On this episode of Bobsleds and Banthas we get Absolute’s first trip report after returning to Disneyland from the Covid-19 shutdown. Is Disneyland back? Is it worth going? What can someone headed to Disneyland expect during the reopening phase? Hear the answer to all these questions and more. In addition we talk about, The Jungle Cruise makes its way to theaters AND your TV, What you can eat when you go to Avengers Campus this summer and The Star Wars Resort has a casting call.

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To say this duo was dynamic would be misnomer considering they never change.

Aaron Robbins

Aaron Absolute Humidity is a writer of regretful tales, professional markateer and amatuer waffle artist. He’s been the host of three previous Disneyland podcasts, likes talking and loves being listened to. While Aaron claims to have watched Star Wars Episode IV over 200 times, he still misquotes dialogue and believes the Clone Wars were about perfume. A little known fact about Aaron, he doesn't like when other hosts try to make their bio longer than his and has been known to add pointless sentences at the end of his own bio to make it appear longer. He thinks the best part of Star Tours has always been the queue.

    Scott Storm is a husband, dad, podcaster, and former Disney Royalty. He’s explored every inch of the Utilidors, took up residency in Cinderella’s Castle, and has slept overnight on Main Street, U.S.A.. He’s likely the only lawyer who’s ever studied for the Bar Exam on the back of a parade float and equally likely to have missed his true vocational calling as a game show host. He owns a mint Blue Snaggletooth and once shared an apartment with Darth Vader. Next to his wedding and the birth of his children, Scott’s happiest day on Earth was when Disney purchased Lucasfilm. He denies the existence of the Star Wars Special Editions.