47 – Building Castles and Imaginations with Imagineer Tom Morris

On this episode of podcasting’s best podcast about Disneyland and Star Wars podcast, Aaron and Scott sit down for another interview with Imagineering Executive and Disney Historian, Tom K. Morris to discuss some of the highlights of Tom’s long career with WDI. In this episode, we cover Tom’s work on the opening of EPCOT Center, including the World of Motion, the Imagination Pavillion, and (the original) Journey Into Imagination and how it came to be that Tom Morris built a castle. We also get the answer to a long-burning question about Tomorrowland that has plagued Aaron for decades!

46 – Best Disney Couples, Pickup Lines and Most Romantic Rides

On this valentines day episode of the internets best Disneyland podcast that also talks about Star Wars and sometimes the Karate Kid, Scott and Aaron discuss love and Disney. After a blazing rendition of the new Quesadilla song, the hosts list their top 5 Disney couples, provide pickup lines for random Disney and Star Wards characters and wax about the most romantic Disneyland rides.

45 – An Afternoon with Imagineer Tom Morris

Join Scott and Aaron for a chat with imagineer Tom K. Morris. In his 42 years with the Walt Disney company, Tom has worked on many exciting and groundbreaking projects in Disney parks around the world. He helped design attractions for EPCOT, Disney California Adventure Park’s Cars Land, Hong Kong Disneyland and Disneyland Paris. He also knows a lot about Disneyland balloons. In fact, if you ever taken your picture with a bouquet of balloons on Main Street Tom Morris may just be the imagineer to thank for that experience.

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To say this duo was dynamic would be misnomer considering they never change.

Aaron Robbins

Aaron Absolute Humidity is a writer of regretful tales, professional markateer and amatuer waffle artist. He’s been the host of three previous Disneyland podcasts, likes talking and loves being listened to. While Aaron claims to have watched Star Wars Episode IV over 200 times, he still misquotes dialogue and believes the Clone Wars were about perfume. A little known fact about Aaron, he doesn't like when other hosts try to make their bio longer than his and has been known to add pointless sentences at the end of his own bio to make it appear longer. He thinks the best part of Star Tours has always been the queue.

Scott Storm

Scott Storm is a husband, dad, podcaster, and former Disney Royalty. He’s explored every inch of the Utilidors, took up residency in Cinderella’s Castle, and has slept overnight on Main Street, U.S.A.. He’s likely the only lawyer who’s ever studied for the Bar Exam on the back of a parade float and equally likely to have missed his true vocational calling as a game show host. He owns a mint Blue Snaggletooth and once shared an apartment with Darth Vader. Next to his wedding and the birth of his children, Scott’s happiest day on Earth was when Disney purchased Lucasfilm. He denies the existence of the Star Wars Special Editions.